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Life Insurance, A Real-Life Story

Investing in the people that matter the most.

This is a real life story that I am proud to share with you.   I have changed the names but this is history of one of my clients.  "Don"  was a guy who had everything going his way with a good paying job, a wife and three beautiful children.   I was working with his mom who asked me if I could help her son who had some health issues in the past put had gotten back on track and wanted life insurance to provide security for his family.  We agreed on 1.5 million of term coverage.   As I expected his past history would be a concern for insurance companies.   I search several carriers and finally found one that would give him a premium he could afford after he passed addition tests that they required.   Only a few years after the purchase he began having more health problems sometimes landing him in the hospital for months at a time.   I went to visit him in the hospital and he was quick to show me pictures of his children.   Don was a good father but his illness took a toll on his marriage and it ended.   I quickly worked to update his wishes for a change of beneficiaries.  Don hung on for his kids but recently succumbed to his illness still in his 40's.  His children lost there father way to early but thanks to Don's commitment to his kids his legacy lives on giving them the ability to pay for college and get started in adulthood. 

I hear it all the time, I don't need life insurance cause "I'm in good health" or "I have 3 kids I can't afford it right now".  Life happens just like this real life story,  The longer you wait the more at risk you are to qualify for a premium you can afford, contact me today for a financial planning review.